Thursday, December 12, 2013

Diagnosis for Ethan...

At Ethan's 4 month check up I had the doctor check out his forehead and scalp.  He's got really rough skin there and is always scratching himself.  The twins have pretty bad eczema, so I was afraid Ethan was showing signs of it.  The doctor took a look and this is what he said...
"I'm not sure about eczema yet, but I can diagnose him with Glitter!   
Apparently all the glitter I've been using for table centers for our ward Christmas party is taking over our home...  Tom's coworkers are getting in the habit of checking his jacket for glitter every morning. (Did I mention I married a very patient man?)  And now it's an official diagnosis for Ethan.  Glitter.  Welcome to the family First Son After 4 Daughters (He really doesn't stand a chance. Poor guy...).

These pictures are a little old, but they're really cute and I wanted them in the blog book...
A little Rogaine overdose
 This is his love face that he makes at his sisters
 This is the face he makes at me when I'm making breakfast
And his four month stats are - 16 pounds 11 oz (75%) and 27.5 inches (Off the charts for length).  He doesn't roll yet, but he can sit up by himself for a minute and he can jump in his jumper so the dr. isn't worried about him.  He seems very, very strong and certainly has a personality.  ;)  So far (and hopefully never) we are seeing none of the signs of mitochondrial disease that Sam had.  We feel amazingly blessed and have faith that our Heavenly Father knows and loves our family.