Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Belong To The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The girls were baptized on Saturday.  It was such a wonderful day.  They have been so excited and were very ready.  I've been taking them with me to Stake baptisms for the past few months as preparation (and since I have to go, why not take company?), on the way to and from the church, we have practiced and practiced and practiced what covenants they were going to make.  So they knew what they were doing and took it very seriously. 
 Little ladies...

 Tom and the girls (Alix on the left, Erin on the right)
 The Macbeth side of the family.  Super fun to see so many of the "Bothellites" come down.  And mom and dad made it from St. George.  
The Bishop side of the family. We were very pleased that Wes could help with the confirmation.  
Thanks to ALL the family that came and supported the girls. We love you and appreciate you!!
 Our ward gives out these blankets to all our kids who get baptized.  They're pretty awesome.  
 The whole family.  
 So proud of both girls.  It's nice to see them making choices that will bless the rest of their lives.   Love you girls!


  1. We're so proud of Alix and Erin. They look so beautiful in their pictures. And that blanket idea is amazing! I can imagine that y'all talk about how it'll make them feel warm like the Holy Ghost. Plus that is a fantastic constant reminder for them of their baptism and the covenants they made.

  2. Thanks Heather. We do give the blankets meaning. The white to remind them of how pure they are right then and how they can be that pure every time they take the sacrament and then relate the coziness to the Holy Ghost as the Comforter. My first councilor sews them and one of our teachers embroiders them.