Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pinkwood Derby 2013

Once again, our ward did a Pinkwood Derby for all the 8-11 year-old girls.  (Our ward must have the coolest primary president ever...)  This is the second year we've done it and this year, Tom had three cars to help build.  Good thing Pop Pop was there to lend a hand.
Pop Pop and Alix
 Brooke let Sam help with her sanding
 Mad genius at work...
 Cool sawdust shot of Erin blowing off her car
 We had smaller numbers this year, lots of the girls were out of town, but it went really smoothly and everyone got to race a lot of times.
 Erin is the only one of my girls who came to the photo booth at the end.  I'll have to take some more pictures of the other girl's cars and post them later.  They were pretty sweet.  Erin's car was so skinny she and Tom  had to use fishing weights on the top to make it heavy enough.  So she made them heads...
 And instead of ding dong medals, we gave the girls twinkie cars for an award.  I'm not sure who's Sam stole, but it's the only one we got a picture of... 
And, by the way, Alix took first place this year!  Nicely done.  Nicely done.