Thursday, October 10, 2013

Monkeying around...

First of all, please pretend my house is clean... That's what I do...  I just pretend I can't see the trail the girls leave as they come in the door from the bus...  Is it really that hard to just put your jacket away AS you take it off?

We have these columns in our front room.  They are much more than just decorative... The twins have been climbing them for years.  Sam has been practicing and practicing and can now get all the way to the ceiling.

Funny story about the column... Brooke and her friend Adrienne really wanted to climb it like Erin and Alix.  But they weigh a significant amount more and couldn't do it.  So they pulled the piano bench over and were launching themselves off the bench at the pillar.  They knocked it out of the ceiling.  It was just free floating for a while until my dad and Tom moved them in to the lower ceiling and really anchored them in there.  That's one way to get a project done...

And it's funny to have the girls show their friends that come over and hear them say, "Well, first you have to lick your feet..."

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