Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Proud to be an American...

This will have to be split into 2 posts... I'm missing pictures from our party, so these are from our pre-party fun. :)
All protected to tie-dye our annual Independence Day shirts.  The Aurich family joined us this year...
 Our ward did a breakfast and it was only a mile and a half away, so rather than hauling the bikes for the parade - we rode them there
 And kind of made our own parade.  We had 7 kids and 2 adults all stretched out down the street.  And my bike had a huge flag flying from the baby carrier so we got lots of honks and waves.  It was a fun ride. 
 Gotta paint faces!
 Alix and Erin and their friend McKenna in the middle
 My 2 handsome fellas.  We spray painted Ethan's mow-hawk red, but it doesn't really show in the picture.
 Brooke's awesome helmet deserves it's own picture
 bike parade fun...  Erin
 Brooke and Izzie
Tom riding Ethan around the parade on my bike

God bless America!  Land that I love!!

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