Monday, March 4, 2013

Twin stats...

The twins are turning 8 on Friday.  I honestly can't believe it.  I'll do a birthday post later, but thought you'd be interested in their stats from the dr. last week...

Erin - 48 inches tall (finally 4 feet!)
Alix - 48 inches tall (15th percentile... told you they were short!)
Erin - 52.8 pounds
Alix - 52.6 pounds

I guess they're called IDENTICAL twins for a reason...

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  1. How I love these girls! Double the blessings! I was interested to see that Erin is the one with the very slight edge in weight over Alix. I remember, in the early years, that if there was a variation in weight Alix was always the one with the extra ounce or two. I LOVE being the grandmother of identical twin granddaughters!! Thanks for doing all the work, April, so dad and I can have so much fun!