Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Heartbreaking / A Lot of Wonderful

On the way to Activity Days yesterday I got to listen to a wonderful conversation.  We were giving a neighbor girl a ride and she has a three week old baby brother.  Which led to the girls talking about themselves when they were born.  Sam calmly said, "I was born with medical problems."  It was kind of interesting listening to the twins and Sam explaining, in their own terms, what's "wrong" with Sam.  They have a pretty good handle on what's going on.  Sam, in this chipper, happy voice announced, "I'm going die when I'm a teenager!"  (I have no idea where or when she decided teenager is it for her.  We've talked a lot about the fact her life might be shorter than most - but I have never given her an expiration date...)  The neighbor was kind of shocked and I just kept listening and staying out it.  Sam then said, "I hope I die really fast. I don't want to miss my family."  (Oh, Sam.  We don't want to miss you either...)  But this led to the wonderful part of the conversation.  The twins and their friend quietly reassured Sam that if she is lucky enough to die before the rest of us, she will get to see Jesus first. "How great will that be?"  
I am continually amazed by the depth of understanding of children.  I am thankful for the knowledge that we have of eternal families.  We have be sealed together for time and all eternity and belong to each other forever.  Good byes are not forever.  Some of us just get to be with Jesus longer than others. I cannot write this without tears streaming down my face.  I cannot imagine life here without Sam.  I cannot imagine life here without the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know it's true.  I know it's real.  
(And really, Sam is doing great.  She's not anywhere near dying, any time soon...  sorry for the heavy post, it just seemed like something I needed to say...)


  1. Thank you April! Children have such a wonderful understanding of Christ and His role in our lives. I think it's because they were with him such a short while ago. It's amazing how babies are drawn to pictures of Christ and when they are just learning to speak are able to identify Him.
    Posts like this one make me so grateful to be part of this wonderful little family!

  2. Tears are streaming down my face too. How we love our little Sam and her siblings! So young and so much wisdom. Thank you for sharing this gem. It is priceless.

  3. Kids really are the best. It's no wonder why we're told to be childlike. Sam is such an angel.