Monday, May 13, 2013


You know how you try and teach your kids to laugh at themselves?  I believe in leading by example...
 Yesterday our family went to church.  I was wearing some awesome, yellow sandals that have a 5 inch heel  (I do love my shoes...).  I was also carrying my (super heavy) primary bag.  I'm standing in the isle of the chapel, getting the girls into our bench when my friend made fun of me for blocking the road with my giant bag.  So I stepped backwards to really block her...  I'm not sure what happened next.  It's kind of a mix of slow and fast motion.... I think I stepped on the edge of someone's foot (I'm not ruling out my own foot here...) and my shoe tipped and the next think I know, I'm flashing the benches opposite me as I fall flat on my rear...  There is a gasp of shocked breath and I'm sitting there on the floor and hear, in the silence, "Oh my gosh!  Did someone fall?!!?"  Yeah.  I did....  I was laughing so hard and feeling so stupid.  I was totally fine.  It was somehow worse, being 30 weeks pregnant, because everyone was so concerned.  And by everyone, I don't mean my family.  Tom was full out laughing.  Not doing his chuckle thing- but belly laughing.  That happens, maybe twice a year... The girls were laughing.  I was dying.  I kind of crawled over to our bench and knelt there laughing and wishing I could disappear.   Church started then and I got a major case of the giggles.  I'm trying to be discreet, because who needed more attention at that point?  But I don't think I hid it that well.  And when I got up to lead the children in singing their mother's day songs, I got several, "Be careful!  Watch your feet!" comments.  Awesome....  And I swear it wasn't my shoes to blame!


  1. Oh, April, you keep us laughing! And now you know why I have refused your offer of 5" heels...

  2. I think you're the only other mom besides me who is dedicated to wearing 5 inch heels all pregnancy long. I feel like the bond between us is even stronger now. And I totally trip on my heels whether I'm pregnant or not, so you're not alone. I think you deserve a medal of awesomeness for staying classy.

  3. hahaha. Good story! And I can't believe you can wear those shoes. Amazing!