Friday, August 2, 2013


Ethan Thomas Bishop.
Born at 10:15 on July 18th.  20" long.  7 lb. 13 oz.
His mom forgot how much time really goes into sitting on the couch with a newborn and hasn't blogged about him nearly as soon as she should have...  And she's tired, so this is mostly pictures.  I'll do it right later... (I have SO MUCH catching up to do...)

Tom in OR holding Ethan for the first time
Our big boy.  Bigger than any of the girls by a pound and a half.  
That man is the proud father of a SON!
Me holding Ethan for the first time in our room
 Meeting the littles
 It was a family affair getting him dressed and ready to go home
 Going home.  2 days old.
 My favorite onesie from his aunt Trina... 
 1 week old 
 Ethan is the sweetest little man and the girls are so in love.  Brooke is amazing with him and all the girls are a huge help.  It's totally different having a baby when your youngest is five.  Last time we did this, our oldest was five.  And we had 2 three year olds...  I'll tell a little about his birth one of these days, but felt bad I hadn't posted any pictures of him for the extended family that's far away.  So here you go - and now, I'm off to bed...


  1. He is seriously so cute! Call me crazy, but I think your girls look like Bishops but I think Ethan looks like a Macbeth. And that onesie is pretty awesome. Oh man, I'm getting baby hungry for my little boy now...

  2. Thanks for the pictures - we can wait for the story. He is totally handsome and cute all at the same time (kinda like Tom!). Good work, Bishops!!

  3. He's so cute! And I love that onesie too! Congrats!

  4. Ethan is definitely a boy!!!! Congratulations to the whole family! You and Tom make cute babies!