Monday, August 19, 2013

Road Runners...

Erin and Alix joined a running team this summer.  It was really fun watching them make and meet some really big goals.  The biggest was that they both ran 60 miles (60!!!!) from the middle of April to July 10th.  They did this to earn the Gold Foot award and each got an ipod shuffle as a reward from their coaches.  And did I mention they were the "littles" on the team?  Youngest girls on the team (along with two other 7-8 year olds)
Brooke and Sam weren't on the team, but competed at the track meets with the girls...

All the girls did the "ball throw"  Alix was great at this and usually placed in the top six.  Brooke also excelled and placed every single meet.
 Brooke is our throwing specialist.  She got first place in shot put 5 out of 6 weeks.  And this was the first time she'd ever tried it.  
 All the girls did long jump as well.  Erin usually placed in this event and jumped 8 feet 2.5 inches.  Not bad when you're only 4 feet tall!  
 Erin also really excelled at the mile.  I chose this picture because it shows how little she is compared to other girls that ran the mile.  She the little one in the middle.  She started running the mile at 12 minutes and finished running it in 7:40.  That's faster than I can run!  Alix started her mile at 12:46 and her fasted was 9:06. They worked really hard.
 Sam doing standing long jump (she only competed at 2 meets)
 3 of the 4 "littles" and best friends.
 Ethan came to cheer at their last track meet when he was 6 days old...
 The team
Alix running the 400
 Erin running the mile
Sam running the 100
 Sam doing ball throw

PR's for the season...
Alix - ball throw - 45', long jump - 7' 9", 400 - 1:46, mile - 9:06
Erin - ball throw - 36', long jump - 8' 2.5", 400 - 1:40, mile - 7:40
Brooke - ball throw - 69' 9", shot put -  19' 2", long jump - 7' 8", turbo javelin - 48'
Sam - cuteness all around...


  1. Great post of their events, April! I'm really glad dad and I were able to attend two of the track meets to cheer our granddaughters on and to take part in the fun. They're all winners!!