Friday, September 13, 2013

It's all a matter of perspective...

Prison?  (Brooke thinks so...) Best day ever? (Sam and I agree...) Tears? (No one's crying here...) A little scary? (Erin and Alix thought so...) Freedom?  (I'm alone on this one...)  It's amazing how we can all look at the same thing in so many different ways...  Today, I'm talking about....
 The First Day of School.
Finally!  I'm not a sad one when they head back.  I love summer and I'm so glad when they come home for summer break and I am just as glad when they head back... We had a great, fun summer but everyone was ready to see a little less of each other by September 4th when they headed off on the bus.  (I headed back up to bed...)





All my lovely ladies

Third grade

Fifth grade

Kindergarten (we had to get a little creative with her fingers...)

Holy cow, I have a ton of kids!

I will definitely miss Brooke's help.  She has been amazing with Ethan.  She's his second mother.  But I guess I'll let her go...


  1. Oh my gosh your kids are so stinkin cute. I'm starting to see the beauty of this whole school thing. And to think, next year Skyler will be gone too.

    Sam throwing up her K gang sign is adorable.

  2. I hope you're preparing to have lots of boys around when those girls get to be just a little bit older...they are so cute! So is Ethan!