Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another of my finer moments...

Monday was Brooke's birthday (more on that later...) and I had a CRAZY busy day.  I got the kids off to school and ran to JoAnn Fabric for the fabric I needed to finish Brooke's blanket.  Then I had juuuust enough time to run to Winco before my visiting teachers came.  Then I had to finish the cake pops for Brooke's class, run to McDonalds to take to her for lunch, then finish her blanket before she got home at three... Whew.  And I still had her birthday dinner to make.  (But she's worth it...)

So anyhoo.  I'm rushing through Winco and get in the checkout line only to start laughing when one of my visiting teachers got in line behind me.  We're laughing and chatting as I check out and rush to my car.  At my car, as I'm opening the back, my phone rang.  "That's weird.  It's Elizabeth.  I was just talking to her...  I must have forgotten something on the conveyor belt..."  Then I turn to load my groceries.  And see an empty cart.  I didn't just leave an item on the conveyor belt.  I left EVERYTHING.  I hadn't bagged a single thing.  Awesome.  I guess a few workers had commented on it while I was gone, so I got to walk back in to a lot of laughing people.  Myself included.  "If only I had a brain..."

And these pictures show pretty well why I don't post more of myself... I only have ones me being silly for the girls...