Friday, February 21, 2014

Tom does like his muscle cars....

I've been working out really hard since I had Ethan and there has been lots of talk around our house about mom "getting healthy" (I don't talk about losing weight in front of the girls...).  I was sharing some of my success with my mum.  I mentioned how my friend and I have been lifting really heavy weights, so I'm not just getting thinner, I'm getting stronger.  The twins chipped in with this...
"Yeah!  She's like a muscle car because of all the muscles!!"

Which inspired this little photo shoot for your viewing pleasure...  
Natalie and I...  (And yes, we know we're nerds...)
 back squats
 military press
 ab work
 And just when I think I'm awesome - I watch my 8 year-old do her first time what has taken me 6 months to build up to...
The kids were home for mid-winter break and Erin did the whole workout with us...

 It's not chaos at all while we're working out... ;)


  1. How fun! You guys look great :) I Wish I could lift that much!