Thursday, February 13, 2014

"My Hips Don't Lie..."

You know how you teach your children to try new things?  "Don't be afraid..."  "You'll get better...."  "It's ok to not be the best something..."  In theory - it's great advice.  For kids.  Taking it myself?  It's a little painful...
I'm doing Zumba.  My friend, Natalie "I'm a dancer" Aurich convinced me and another friend to give it a try on our freebie cardio day.  I'm super comfortable at the gym.  I can kill it through an hour long spin class.  I can dead lift 200 pounds.  I can't dance.  And why do they make those classrooms with giant, clear windows?  That's right - so people can laugh at you.  Luckily I'm laughing at myself too...
The instructors look amazing.  I look like an octopus.  I cannot run my feet and my arms at the same time.  And I'm pretty sure my hips are missing a joint somewhere.  I CANNOT move that way!  Today the instructor told us, "Just Samba however you want!"  Which to me, means run in place for a minute...  
And did you know you're supposed to, like, screech or yell or shout or Ai Carrumba whilst you Zumba?  Who knew?  
When I told Tom I was going to start doing Zumba he asked me if that meant I was going to dance for him sometime.  If he only knew what he was in for!  
It's a fun hour and it goes by really quickly.  In Zumba's defense, some of my hottest friends love it and do it all the time.  I bet they can dance... 


  1. I pretty much have the same fears, and the big clear windows do not help! I guess it's back to the treadmill...oh wait......uh...never mind :)

  2. You look amazing!!! Your post reminds me of a Relief Society commemoration activity when we lived in Samoa. One of the women had choreographed the history of Relief Society in Samoa for a Polynesian dance that we were to learn as we rotated through various classes. I'm a palagi (white person and not naturally graceful) and they are all Polynesians with inborn grace. I felt exactly as you describe! Thanks for the chuckle. Maybe you can teach me some of your "moves" when we visit next and we can laugh at each other together...although I'm pretty sure you and your children (Tom can't watch) will laugh way harder at me!