Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just put it away...

Brooke wanted to have a friend over and her mom asked Brooke to ride her bike and meet her halfway.  No problem.  It's a family rule that you cannot ride your bike without a helmet.  Problem.  Brooke had left her helmet out of the shelter and it was soaking wet.  Her (mean-old) mom wouldn't let her ride the half mile without it...  So Brooke manufactured her own solution to the soaking wet pads that were leaking water all down her face and back.  Thus the Washcloth Helmet was born.  And she actually wore it that way...  All around the neighborhood...  Awesome.


  1. That girl has confidence! Of course, it helps to have practiced this kind of uniqueness by wearing mismatched socks for years and other 'stand-out' clothing. Brooke, you are unique! And you have an awesome mom!

  2. sounds like a problem-solver to me! and a fashion statement, too!

  3. Oh this brings back memories! Mom never MADE us wear helmets, but oh how many times I had conjured up a washcloth/towel contraption for a wet seat or wet handlebars during the paper route days!!