Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quote of the Day...

It's no secret that the twins are tiny on the smallish side. 
For our ward party, their class is putting on a nativity.  Erin and Alix are the sheep. (there are 20 kids this age, I had to get creative with parts...)  So we are using the white shirts from the picture below and gluing hundreds of cotton balls on the back.  Some ears, a fluffy tail - you've got 2 cute sheep. 
When I told the girls to go and get the shirts, this is what Alix had to say about it...

"Well, I guess since we can't out-grown them, we might as well ruin them!"

They have had them since Kindergarten.  I guess I can see why, by 2nd grade, they'd be a little sick of them...  And poor Sam.  No hand-me-downs for her.  Erin and Alix have worn everything out by the time it's too small... (or does that make Sam lucky?)


  1. Lucky Sam! Lucky twins who have two less shirts to remind them they aren't growing very fast! Lucky adults who love the twins small!

  2. Lucky Sam! I had all sorts of hand-me-downs and I would have loved my own clothes, at least once in a while.