Thursday, January 17, 2013

Now I Know Who To Blame...

This is what mum and dad did to me when I was barely 2 years old....
Sorry, Brooke.  Your mental and emotional scars from us pushing you down the water slide are really Grandma and PopPop's fault...


  1. Your parents raised you right. I think that's awesome! Way better than the parents today who are careful about every tiny little aspect of their kids' lives.

  2. My mental and emotional issues must have come from the same slide ride. That slide was terrifying even for an adult! And how wonderful that you're giving us credit for having an impact in your's and your children's lives! :) Thanks, babe!

  3. You look like you're about to slide right off of that slide. I am the same way with Aiden. I don't want him to grow up afraid of everything like his mama! You are a pretty awesome mom!