Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quote of the Day...

Last night we were playing my Quiz Kids game (mine from when I was a little gal...).  Tom got the question: If a hero is a man who saves the day, what is a heroine?  Weirdly enough, Tom didn't know the answer.  Brooke, however, did.  Here's how she explained why it was "sooooo obvious, dad. Duh..."

"A hero is a boy, but girls have  SO MUCH hair, so obviously a girl hero would be called a HAIR-oine.  Anyone should know that, dad...."

Yeah dad.  Anyone should know that...


  1. Well, duh...of course! Any girl would know that! It's so obvious! (And perfect picture for the post, April!)

  2. I have never heard it explained quite so well before! Thanks,Brooke!