Thursday, January 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday...

Trina and I were little girls taking a bath together.  For some reason we decided to take an ice cold one.... Mum came in and found us blue and shivering and overheard this conversation...
Me- "I'm so cold, look at my goosebumps!"
To which (smarty pants) Trina replied, "Those aren't goosebumps, those are your KNEES!"

(In the picture, Trina is the dirty(er) one on the left and I'm the one on the right...)


  1. I love you so much sis! I have the best sister in the world!! I miss you--you know you can move to PA any time you feel like it, right!?!

  2. I love these two girls...when they were young and now too!!!!!