Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Have you ever had that urge, one cold February, to just go out and Slip-n-Slide?  Yeah.  Me either.  But my girls did.  They were begging me to get out the new Slip-n-Slide that we got at Costco yesterday.  (It is awesome - 3 lanes of watery joy into a pool at the end...  The baby and I plan on using it come a LOT warmer weather...)  "But Mom!  It's sunny!  It's totally warm!  We won't get cold, we promise!"  And on and on.  I'm just too lazy to get out the slide for what would only be minutes of freezing fun.  So I made them a compromise.  "Get on your swimsuit, go out and jump on the trampoline and I'll spray you with the hose..."

 Weirdly enough, three of them took me up on it...  (Brookie is one smart cookie... she stayed dry and took pictures with my phone)  (Can you see all three heads in the above picture?)
 Did I mention my computer said the temperature for Puyallup today was 39...
They stayed out for about 10 minutes (8 minutes longer than I expected) and then we came in for some hot cocoa.  (Mostly we came in because the hand I was spraying them with was freezing... They're tougher than their mom...)

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  1. Are those MY grandkids!?!? They definitely didn't inherit the desire to freeze from me! But...I will gladly share hot chocolate!!