Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who's got the wiggles?

Warning - this is a potential TMI post that involves some "potty talk"... Proceed at your own risk...
 I was watching my friend's twin boys today.  (It's way more fun to babysit one year-old twins than own them yourself...)  One of the boys needed a diaper change.  Sam was "helping" me....  While standing above the baby and I, she noticed something odd....
Sam - "Mom.  Where does he go poo?"
me- "Same as you.  Out his bum."
Sam - (while watching "the cleanup" very closely...) "How does he go pee then?"
me - "Right out here..." (vague gesture...)
Sam - looks at me like I'm a crazy lady...
me - "It's just one way how boys and girls and different."
Sam - (with her super thoughtful face on...) "Does Dad have one?"
me - "He does."
Sam - "Dad has a wiggly thing?"
me - "Yeah.  All boys do."
Sam - "Dad has a tail?!?"
me- "Well, it's not a tail, exactly...."
And it went on from there...  for the sake of weirdos googling certain anatomically correct body parts, I'll stop posting my explanation from here...
But really, maybe this next baby needs to be a boy....


  1. LOVE! Skyler has a weird obsession with his own nipples. Then today he told me as I was bathing Ella that he thought "her nipples are so cute!" Yeaaaah. Kids can definitely be interesting.

  2. I've always maintained that sex education in the family is much easier if you have both boys and girls. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you:)

  3. So.... Does this mean you are now on Team Tom!? YAY!! Praying for a boy!

  4. I love all the posts, but this one still has me laughing!