Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hop To It!

You know how it's harder to get your kids to do homework once it's sunny outside?  "The year is almost over anyway..."  "It's too nice outside...."  "Mom! It's not raining for once! (Can you tell we live in WA?)"  "I though you said exercise is good for me..."  And on. And on. And on....  I found the solution.  At least for the littles.  Reading hopscotch.  We used the words to Sam's current unit in Read Well instead of numbers.  Whatever word her rock lands on, she reads.  If her rock doesn't land on the board, she has to read them all.  She LOVED it.  I got a tan.  She's ready for her test and we'll be playing again tomorrow with new words...

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  1. Your creativity never ends and it is effective in so many different arenas. YOU ARE AMAZING!