Friday, May 23, 2014


(My posts are all mixed up because I'm so far behind... I'm trying to catch up by summer.  And I'm just not organized enough to do it order...)
April around here brings rain (duh...) and the Pinkwood Derby.  This was the third year our ward has done it.  (I was recently released as primary president and this is the one thing I asked her to not change...)  We made 5 cars this year.  In ONE day.  Why five, when we only had three racers?  One for Brooke. One for Alix. One for Erin. One for Sam (couldn't leave her out...).  And one for Kaitlyn (Her family was in the process of moving and her dad was already in AZ...).

Alix went Seahawks themed (Go Hawks!!!).  I sketched the design and she painted it.
 Erin did all her own work.  And named her car "Baba Loca".  Which is what we sometimes call my mom.  And which translates into "crazy grandma..."
 Brooke also did all her own painting.  Nice lightning bolts, sister!
And Kaitlyn's car.  Which the two of us did with no help from Tom.  (You'll notice how much carving we didn't do...)  But it turned out so cute. 
 And poor Sam was woefully neglected and got no pictures taken of her car.  But she did paint it all by herself...  Love you Sam...

It's always fun to see all the different cars.  Don't you love the Taco?

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